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You know, if you'd go study the *science* behind scientists' global warming claims, you'd see it was real. But you've bought into this idea that all science is a leftist conspiracu, and so you dismiss it. Or cherry-pick what you like and discard the rest, like someone listening to his/her physician give a list of things that are bad for you, agreeing on the things he/she doesn't like, and declaring the rest a lie. The *real* problem is what to do about it. The Left uses global warming is a way to try to control everyone and everything, to rob us all of all freedoms. Yet even though the Left enthusiastically declares its point of view is "scientific," a perusal of the Left's vague and often false-to-fact claims shows that the Left doesn't know a damn thing about the sciences -- for the Left, "science" is just another buzzward they throw at people to try to get their way. One of the most thoroughgoing libertarians that ever lived, author Robert A. Heinlein, who wrote some of the best science fiction that ever was, made sure that the *science* in his science fiction was as up-to-date as possible, complying with whatever was known scientifically on all subjects at that time. He was also a fervent promoter of space-related activities and projects, and wanted with all his heart for humanity to get into space and start exploring throughout the Solar Sysrtem, exploiting the many resources of the Solar System, and heading outward for the stars. Heinlein was one of the most educated and intelligent people that ever lived, and his work is well worth reading and thinking about. You, on the other hand, sneer at science as a "Leftist conspiracy," say absolutely nothing about getting into space in a permanent way and working out a way to harness the Sun *above* our atmosphere for power, or otherwise adopting ultimately low-cost, far-reaching, edologically sound, and non-Lefvtist ways of gemerating power and making our lives far better and more free. Conclusion: You're a Leftist shill or a compllete idiot, not a truly educated and intelligent American. Shame on you!


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Jan. 2nd, 2014 03:22 am (UTC)
At the moment, I'm basking in the Irony of the Russian ship full of Global warming tourists stuck in the ice in the antarctic which they set out to prove there was less of. There are a number of other ships trapped and being crushed by arctic ice because they believed that global warming would open up the northwest passage.

I believe in science, when the scientific method is actually followed. I do not believe in fake "science" generated in the pursuit of grant money. It is odd that a conservative source was the start of the scourge. When one scientist once proposed that CO2 might raise temperatures (And this was in the middle of the global cooling scare) Margaret Thatcher started offering grants for proof, but because she wanted "scientific backing" to help her move the UK off of coal and on to Nulcear power. I ended up finding this out when some lefty Warmist insisted conservatives supported their cause too, and it turned out to be just as cynical a manipulation of science as their side uses.

By the way, right now I'm wearing this shirt, you'd appreciate it: http://www.offworlddesigns.com/asteroids-t-shirt/

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Jan. 2nd, 2014 03:55 am (UTC)
Consider that every year, more and more internal-combustion vehicles are on the road across the globe. All of them produce carbon dioxide and carbon mon oxide, both gases that trap and hold heat from the Sun and re-radiate back to the Earth, not letting it escape into space. Industry and animal husbandry yearly generate huge tonnages of methane, a ferocious greenhouse gas, and the amount emitted each year is higher than the previous year, because more and more meat has to be grown to feed people, and industry isn't getting any smaller. A lot of these gases are absorbed by the oceans, but the oceans are steadily becoming more acidic (i.e., their pH is getting lower and lower over time, still above 8.0 but well below a pH of about 8.7, which was the level at the start of the Industrial Age), and there's a limit to how much they can absorb. Arctic Ice is thinner each year than the previous year, and glaciers are starting to melt. So the Earth warms -- but the answer isn't more stifling of freedom and increase of taxes by the Left. It's getting into space in a huge, permanent way to capture the energy of the Sun in the vacuum, above all atmospheres, so the full ramge of Solar radiation can be captured an exploited, from X-rays and above to radio waves and below. It's moving industry offworld and into space habitats that can fully exploit the largessed of the asteroid belt and the many small comets that bombard the Inner System every day. It's encouraging entrepreneurs to come up with truly revolutionary ways of generating and using energy, rather than giving bail-outs at taxpayer expense to loser companies that aren't worth a damn. It's turning asteroids into farm-worlds, moving them into an orbit close to Earth's but not too close, using polarized coverings to hold in the air but also allow enough sunlight for photosynthesis and the needs of animals during a standard day to allow for high productivity of plants and animals. As Stephen Hawking said, either we get out into the Solar System and start reaching for the stars, or we will become extinct within a thousand years. This is a perfect wake-up call to get us to do just that, move more and more of our physical plant and people into solar space and beyond, where so much more can be done industrially and in terms of animal husbandry and growing crops than can be done on Earth, while we are still able to do it.

More to come next comment

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Jan. 2nd, 2014 09:27 am (UTC)
Arctic ice set a record this year (Didn't AlGore say it was going to be totally melted by this time, er, last year?). The only glacier melting study was a fraud (A guy in India compared a couple of pictures of a glacier in Nepal, IIRC). the whole climate science field has become so corrupted with bogus studies that net huge grants that it's almost impossible to point to anything as definitive. Instead of being absolute scientific truth, it's beginning to resemble history as taught by Ward Churchill. Carbon Dioxide concentrations are measured in parts per million, it's not NEARLY as effective a greenhouse gas as its proponents want to make it (but they emphasize it over water vapor because it makes such a handy lever in legislation) and it's always considered out of context in the whole scheme of how the atmosphere works. It's like trying to measure economic growth by counting the number of pennies you can find on a supermarket parking lot.

Your other comment makes me even more confused. You point out correctly that the Left doesn't understand science, they just use it (like they use polling) to try to convince people of their agenda. and you point out how faulty that pseudo-science is, and yet, you are also citing that self-same pseudoscience to say that global warming is real.

Oh, and you really should look at that shirt. You'd like the sentiment.
Jan. 3rd, 2014 12:18 am (UTC)
Atmospheric carbon dioxide is now at 400 ppm. When I was a kid, it was around 310 ppm. That's significant. Ocean pH has been dropping steadily, and now many shellfish can't form their exoskeletons properly, because the oceanic pH is not alkaline enough for that. The place to go to look up information on climate science is not the mainsstream media. Yes, there has been some fraud, but there are plenty of real scientists out there who are doing excellent work in climate science, and their data is sound -- and shows more and more greenhouse gases (including, BTW, water vapor) in the atmosphere, more and more evidence that glaciers are beginning to melt, and Antarctic ice is doing likewise (those giant bergs that have calved off Antarctica lately are good examples). The right-wing media concentrate on the frauds and pointedly ignore the non-fraudulent, excellebnt scientific work on the subject -- just as the Left does, the Right has its own agenda, though it takes different forms, and also like the Left, the Right won't report anything that seems to disagree with its claims).
Jan. 4th, 2014 06:33 am (UTC)
There are some possible fixes that come to mind. Perhaps they could start putting Beano into feedstocks for cattle. Or maybe come up with some other way to make the feed corn more digestible, which would also have the benefit of not having to load up the cattle with antibiotics. I understand that grass fed beef doesn't have that problem, though it's not as cost effective.

I've also heard that adding iron to seawater helps kelp to grow, which would mean that there would be more of it to absorb more CO2. Iron is the rate limiting factor for kelp. Perhaps container ships could have a little device at the stern which deposits a trickle of rust dust. That's a lot more practical than, say, switching all our cars to hydrogen power or something.

As for orbital solar plants, I understand that it's fairly practical now. I'd like to see a pilot program.
Jan. 2nd, 2014 10:50 am (UTC)
the Russian ship full of Global warming tourists stuck in the ice in the antarctic
LOL! I didn't know they were "Global warming tourists." Irony follows those people around like a stray cat.
Jan. 2nd, 2014 11:10 am (UTC)
Yeah, for some reason the MSM sees fit to suppress that info. Just like that last school shooter only lasted about 80 second before he shot himself BECAUSE AN ARMED DEPUTY ASSIGNED TO THE SCHOOL SHOWED UP, another factor that never gets mentioned.
Jan. 3rd, 2014 12:09 am (UTC)
Agreed, the MSM doesn't report anything beyond feel-good tripe or the officially approved, Leftist friendly "news."
Jan. 2nd, 2014 03:56 am (UTC)
Continuing from preceding comment

Global warming first became of real concern to scientists in the 1970s -- this concern isn't new, and the same reasons that scientists then began exploring the possibilities still exist. Two things about the Left: they do not want humanity to get out into space, where people could use rocky asteroids to drop into Earth's gravity-well and do far more damage with an impact than any of our largest nuclear devices; and they don't understand the climate science behind the debate -- indeed, any true science at all -- they just like to say their claims are "scientific," but couldn't back those claims up, or cite sources, or cite peer-review of papers on that or any other scientific subject, to save their butts. The Right doesn't seem to be terribly well-versed in the sciencws, either, particularly when it comes to sciences that deal with chaotic phenomena, such as climate science. The Right tends to go with "common sense," which is dead wrong in too many cases to county. But at least the Right does want to get back into space, at least some on the Right -- the Left is convinced it would "pollute space" and "damage pristine conditions" (you can't pollute space; it is virtually endless and may in fact be infinite in all directions; and as for "damaging pristine conditions," there's nothing in our Solar System beyond Earth that would give a damn about doing so).

I'm very worried that Hawking's second alternative, the extinction of humankind, might come true. We have got to get into space, and doing so to harness the full energy of the Sun, above the atmosphere, sounds like a damned good reason for starting to do so. The energy so captured could be beamed down to some area where it could be relayed to usersv -- Saudi Arabia would love to make a bundle on renting their deserts for that purpose, and it would ultimately ve far cheaper than oil and natural gas.

So why aren't we doing it? Because people have lost the vision to do so, and the politicians don't want people to get out there where they can't be controlled or taxed.

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