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(Gateway Pundit) – "If soldiers contract Ebola, they will be flown to U.S.


"Troops from the 101st Airborne Division will not receive full protective Hazmat suits for their mission in West Africa. . . ."

This is beyond outrage. Tell me that Obama and his administration don't want to kill our military personnel by sending them with little or no protective gear into Ebola zones, or that they don't want those of us in the States to get Ebola brought back by our soldiers this way. Go ahead, tell me. I'll laugh in your face. See if I don't.


Let's Roll Article - Spider burrowed into scar, crawled through man's body

Dylan Thomas was vacationing with a friend in Bali, when the friend pointed out a strange part of the scar on Thomas's stomach. Doctors initially told him it was just an insect bite. However, after more pain and the scar not only increasing in size, but also bubbling, doctors realized it was something else entirely. . . .
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Health Freedom Alliance

"All the disinformation being spread about Ebola by the U.S. government and the complicit mass media will unfortunately make the Ebola pandemic far worse. That’s because the public isn’t being told the truth about how Ebola spreads and how individuals can help prevent transmission of the disease.

"At every level of media and government, protecting the financial interests of drug companies appears to be far more important than protecting public health. So people aren’t told the truth about how Ebola spreads and how they can increase their ability to survive a global pandemic.

"Here are five of the biggest lies being spread about Ebola right now. . . .

For what it's worth, here is information about Ebola and what, if anything, people can do about it. The site -- -- is obsessed with conspiracy theories, many of them truly stupid. It also promotes Alex Jones, an all-around SOB who loves to start trouble for the sake of it. However, the information given in this article is in line with similar information from many other sites, which adds considerably to the likelihood that much or all of it is accurate. We are definitely in trouble, folks.

Ebola is a vicious, vicious virus, a deadly one. Whether it is going to spread throughout the country and kill many or most Americans remains to be seen, but like many other Americans I am distinctly uneasy about what it might well do to us and, perhaps, the rest of the world.

The most serious claim in this article is that the current variant of Ebola loose in Africa, here in the USA, and in Spain is weaponized, and may have been deliberately introduced to Africa to begin the process of cutting down humanity's numbers to something our planet can support. The second most serious claim is that the government is starting to arrest people who try to stock up on any means to deal with it, including food-quality hydrogen peroxide (for oxygen therapy), ozone machines (ditto), vitamin C, and colloidal silver. So get those while you still can, before the health-food stores are closed down by the government "to prevent panic."

Good luck to you, dear reader, and God bless.
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"I’m not an microbiologist or epidemiologist, but as some of my readers are aware, I did work for many years under a few of the most renowned infectious disease experts (microbiologists, immunologists, and epidemiologists) on the planet. As such, I picked up a lot – and what I picked up makes me more alarmed than most Americans at what I am seeing with regard to the procedures and precautions being used to protect Americans from the Ebola virus here and abroad – as well as how it came to be a threat to America in the first place.

"As widely reported, the first patient to break [out] with Ebola in the U.S., Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian visiting family in Dallas, Texas, died this week. Half a dozen more Westerners are being observed for possible symptoms of Ebola; this does not count the hundred or more in Texas being observed whom Duncan may have infected directly or indirectly. . . ."

I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss this article as "alarmist." As Bertrand Russell said to someone who complained that he was "yelling 'Fire!' in a crowded theater," I rather believe the author of this article is crying "Water!" in a burning one. I do believe the mainstreadm media are trying to keep the public from panicking, a commendable goal, by downplaying as much of the Ebola crisis as possible. But if, as it often happens, Mother Nature has other ideas, we need to be as well-informed about this disease and possible treatments of it as possible.

All I have to offer when it comes to the latter is oxygen therapy, ascorbate therapy, the use of silver as an antimicrobial medication, and medical benefits of garlic for long-term supportive care of persons with infectious diseases; but I'm sure there must be a great deal more useful information along those lines out there. Me, if I have to choose, I'll go with oxygen therapy. You can get food-grade hydrogen peroxide (35% H2O2 in distilled water, no additives; the stuff in the brown bottles fromo the drugstore are 3% H2O2 and loaded with additives you do NOT want to ingest) from any good health-food store. I recommend and

For getting rid of a cold, start with 3 drops of the hydrogen peroxide solution in water, juice, or milk three times daily. The next day, go up to 4 drops taken three times per day. And so on up to 25 drops taken three times daily. Stay at that level for six weeks. Then start back down with 24 drops three times daily, 23 drops three times daily, and so on back down to three drops taken three times daily. For the flue, be somewhat more aggressive -- start with 5 drops taken three times daily, on up to 25 drops three times daily, and so on. If you think you have been exposed to Ebola, however, start with at lwast 10-12 drops three times daily and go on up to 25, then plateau there for at least 8 weeks. Then start back down, but slowly, prepared to go up again if symptoms come back.

Be sure to secure your food-grade hydrogen peroxide before everyone else gets the idea and clears the shelves in the health-food stores. Maybe pick up a bottle or two of 1-gram tablets of vitamin C compounded with rose hips and acerola. Then stop by the supermarket and pick up plenty of garlic. You can always use up the garlic as a condiment, and Vitamin C and food-grade hydrogen peroxide are always good for colds and other viral and bacterial conditions.

Anyway, maybe it will all turn out roses. Just in case, though, try to stay on top of it, stocked up with those helpful nostrums.
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Scientists have long rolled their eyes at near-death experiences, chalking them up to the effects of anesthesia, or low oxygen, or religious and spiritual hallucinations. But it's hard to square that, some argue, with a new 4.5-year study involving 2,060 patients that found what researchers claim may be awareness after the body and brain has shut down. One particularly striking case describes a 57-year-old man whose heart stopped beating for three minutes. After resuscitation, he was able to recount sights and sounds that corresponded to the period when his heart was not beating. . . .
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When asked to explain why the new Age of Aquarius is so horrible, rather than being replete with sweetness-and-light and all that good stuff, New Agers "explain" that it's still the Age of Pisces, that the Vernal Coleur (the point in the sky occupied by the Sun at the first moment of Spring) has not yet advanced all the way back through Pisces to enter Aquarius. "It's those awful old Pisces bad vibes that are responsible for all the horror."

Yeah, right.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, while Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Neptune rules travel by water, the Element Water, the chemical element neptunium, hidden things, hidden evils, mysticism, hospitals, retreats, religion as a way to try to heal the evils in the world, prayer, faith, navies of all kinds, the oceans, earthquakes, the number 40; the Key Number 23; and the bounty of the seas.

Uranus, on the other hand, rules mass movements such as Communism and Socialism; violent revolution; liberty, but also libertinism, not to mention those for whom "liberty" means "*my* liberty to do anything I want to anyone or anything, without let or hindrance" (sound familiar?); ruthless tyrants and dictators; weird sex; sexual abuse of children (also ruled by Neptune); the atmosphere, and any changes in it; space travel; cutting-edge science and technology; the computer revolution and computer technology, along with the information superhighway and the Internet; air travel; airliners, jets, etc.; chaos (as in chaos science and chaos mathematics, but also chaos in the conventional sense); the Element Air (if you're curious, Saturn rules the Element of Earth, and Pluto rules Fire); advances in technology so profound and rapid that they occur faster than people can adjust to them and their influence; ecological damage and destruction; radioactivity; uranium; alternative methods of doing anything of any importance; mutations; GMO technology; attempts at takeover of whole countries; the USA; native Americans; science fiction; the numbers 11 and 111; the Key Number 11; and so on.

Tell me:which set of associations seems more typical of the times between 1904 and now, 110 years later. Which has more to do with the violent revolutions, egregious technological advances, ecological damage, scientific advances, and all the rest of these times?

Aleister Crowley published his Liber AL (The Book of the Law) just after April 10, 1904, and claimed the new Aeon of Horus/Age of Aquarius had thereby been initiated. Looks as if he was right. I'm not saying that every word in THE BOOK OF THE LAW IS TRUE, or that it was complete and utterly accurate prophecy, but rather that it has allowed people to see through a glass darkly the strange future that followed that first publication, as if one were looking straight at a fuzzy future, but catching glimpses of things that came to pass within 80-90 years of 1904 that nobody expected back then, such as the Internet, the Bomb, the exploration of space, the first attempts to colonize space, and all the rest of the things we've lived through since around 1914.

And what we're seeing ain't Pisces, folks. It's Aquarius and Uranus, in all their scary splendor. Not the fabled "Age of Aquarius" in which all is Piscean sweetness and light, but rather the wondrous, exciting, destructive, unexpected, and anthropogenic (remember: Uranus and Aquarius are associated with humans, the ruler and sign of humanity and the human footprint on this Earth) wild ride that recent and modern history really have been, and promise to continue if we don't destroy our own species and world with our weird technologies and nasty politics. The Age of Pisces, in spite of its horrors, was also a time of honor, mysticism, religion, unselfish love, hope (at least the hope of Heaven), great artistic and literary accomplishments, and so much else. What will we make of this new age of Aquarius? Life -- or death? To decide, we have to face up to what this time and the next 2,050 years or so are likely to bring, before we enter the age of Capricorn and all the rules change,

If you're not a New Ager, don't worry about it. But New Agers need to bone up on history and reality if they want to understand what's happening -- and survive it. Along with coining pseudowords such as "conjucted" and "conjucting" (referring to astrological conjunctions, the word for which is taken from the Latin verb-form conjunctio, meaning "to coinjoin, to bring together), creations which simply SCREAM "THESE IDIOTS ARE FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATE IGNORANTI!!!, they also seem to have no understanding or knowledge of history, human ecology, human evolution, evolution in general, nuclear physics, and computer science, all part and parcel of our times, all ruled by Uranus and Aquarius. Sure, Aquarius also rules friendship and friends, associates, colleagues, and adoptions/adoptive parents/adopted children, but these are awash in a relentless sea of all the other, often terrifying associations with Uranus and Aquarius.

Those who do not learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. So brush up on your history and your astrology and Qabbala, and take a good, hard look at what we're going to be trying to survive for the next 2+ millennia.
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For anyone who was wondering, the godawful gossip about "Ebola victims rising from the dead" is a hoax in superlatively bad taste:

This is truly disgusting.
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Not many people know this story… but in 1998 an unprecedented coalition of scientists, religious leaders, health professionals and consumers sued the government. This lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court, forced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to turn over 44,000 pages of internal government memos into the public domain. Memos that our own government NEVER wanted you to see… because they reveal shocking proof of a health scandal that could be making you and your family sick. . . .

Personal demons

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For most of my life -- 66+ years or more -- I've been harried and hounded by what I have been told are simply parts of my own mind that don't behave properly. When I was three, one day I was playing in the back yard with my imaginary friends -- something perfectly normal -- when suddenly they turned on me, coming at me like a huge ball of utter, satanic malice. I screamed and ran into the house, and never played with my imaginary friends again. Why?

At age 7, one night something landed on my mind and began beating my mind up. The beating wasn't physical, but it was intensely mentally painful. All the while, whatever it was screamed at me, not audibly but directly into my mind, "Sell your soul to the Devil! Sell your soul to the Devil!" Which I knew was weird, since, while I had read the phrase in books and so on, my adoptive parents never mentioned such a thing, and my upbringing didn't include the concept. I decided to fall asleep -- and it started roaring at me, "IF you fall asleep, that will mean you sold your soul to the Devil!" I finally did fall asleep with that thing pounding on me. The following evening the whole thing started up all over again -- making it immediately clear that by falling asleep I had not sold my soul to the Devil, of course. Every single night from then on until I was about nine and a half the same damned thing went on, over and over. I never dared tell my adoptive parents -- they'd have decided I was crazy and have me put away for it. It finally came to an end one day for no particular reason. Why?

When I was three years old, I suddenly developed an instantaneous, reflexive reaction to seeing myself in a mirror. I despised what I saw -- I looked like a drip, stupid and weak and worthless. I have had that problem ever since. I can stand looking at my face in a mirror if I look at part of it at a time, as long as I'm not looking at my mouth, but that's all. And ever since, the only thing about me that I've been able to stand is my intellect. Everything else seems rotten and worthless. Why?

Starting at age 5 I began having horrific nightmares nearly every single night, the kind you fight to wake up from because you know that if you don't, something horrifying and revolting will happen to you. I continued to have such nightmares most of the time until I was in my 20s, and even then, though the frequency of them went down, they continued to happen. Only in the last few years have I been able to avoid them. Even then, my dreams have rarely been good, and are mostly depressing, sad, or embarrassing. Often I'll dream of being hated by everyone for things I'm never sure of; I have an overwhelming feeling of guilt, but am not sure what I'm guilty of. In others, I've murdered somebody, and have been successful at hiding that fact, but feel intense guilt for it. I dream of losing my cats and of men trying to rape me and a thousand other ghastly things. No matter how deeply I sleep -- and now I do, I'm taking large amounts of Trazadone for that -- my dreams leave me in a bad way, infuriated, or in mourning, or in some other pit of Hell. Why?

And for most of my life I've been beaten up constantly by things that are probably nothing more than part of my own mind, but which have tremendous malice toward me, and which sabotage me in every way they can. One is female, apparently; the malice she harbors has nothing behind it, there is no good reason for it other than her enjoyment of it, which she wallows in. The other is male, and psychopathic. They would kill me in a minute if they were able, and seem to have no feeling that if they killed me, they might be jeaopardizing their own existence. They both despise me, but do so not because they have any good reason to, but rather because it allows them to feel superior to me, just because. The female one somehow manages to plant her hand palm-down against my back when I'm walking or hurrying down the street and give me a push at exactly the wrong moment, so that I collapse on the sidewalk or street, face-first. Once I broke my nose that way. Another time, my glasses. Why?

In the summer of 1963, when I was eighteen and engaged to a wonderful young man, the male one of those things began roaring at me -- inaudibly, directly into my mind -- over and over, that I'd better drive my fiance away or something horrible would happen to him. I decided to believe that whatever it was didn't exist, and it got madder and madder. Then, on Augut 6, three weeks before we were to have been married, Evans, my fiance, was driving down from Moreau Bay, California, where he was working a construction job to get the money to pay for our honeymoon, to a motel room he was temporarily renting in San Luis Obispo during the week (he saw me on the weekends then). As he started across the very narrow bridge that connects Highway 101 to San Jose, at that moment a car coming the other way turned onto the bridge at high speed -- and rammed Evans' car, a Corvair with the engine in the back, head-on. The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel at just that moment. The steering column of Evans' car was rammed back into Evans' chest, killing him instantly as it crushed his heart. This occurred at 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon. At the same time, I was in a foster home in Oak View, California; I'd been cleaning that day, and singing because I was so happy about my coming marriage. At 2:30, I suddenly knew it was all over. I crawled under the covers on my bed and huddled there in a black depression. I knew he was gone. Then my foster parents came home -- and the phone rang. It was Evans' parents, saying the Highway Patrol had just notified them of their son's death. From that day on, my foster parents began persecuting me and terrorizing me, and that thing had roared at me all summer that I'd better dump Evans now roared in triumph over me, saying, "I told you this would happen if you didn't obey me!" And since then I have had no one ever fall in love with me back, no one who truly loved me. Why?

Even my birth was . . . strange. My biological mother gave me up for adoption at 9 days old because she hated me, and said so to the social workers. My adoptive mother hated me because her husband had forced the adoption on her, then took her little dog, a lovely cocker spaniel, to the vet to be put down, telling her, "It might hurt the baby" (i.e., he got to have his baby, and she, who was barren, wasn't allowed to have hers). I was in two foster homes and both sets of foster parents hated me. Why?

I was bullied and bullied and bullied in school by other girls. In elementary school, a bully-pack of several girls led by a fat girl named Ellen who hated me for no known reason would follow me all over the playground every day, chanting, "Kill yourself! Kill yourself!" Nobody stepped in to stop it. I was terrified all the time. I would curl up in a remote corner of the playground, duck my head under my arm, and try to shut the world out. Nobody cared. Nobody stopped it. Why?

If this is all do to parts of my own mind attacking me, that sort of flies in the face of human biology, doesn't it? If I do, those parts of me do, too. And yet they want me harmed and want me dead with everything they have, and despise me for not dying. It's as if God were punishing me all my life long for being born. It still goes on and on, with no comfort, no safetly, no reason for it. Why?

If you, dear reader, have knowledge of this sort of continuous persecution of the self by the self, how it arises, and how to bring it to a halt, would you please let me know in a comment? Thanks, Yael Dragwyla
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Allen West says:

I have actually discovered an honest Muslim cleric. A good friend of mine, Younis Z, sent me this video from our friends at the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute (MEMRI). The video shows Bahraini intellectual Dhiyaa al-Musawi being interviewed on Abu Dhabi TV on December 29, 2006.

I have to wonder if this cleric is still alive and if he still harbors these same sentiments? I don’t know if this cleric from Bahrain is just pulling my leg, but if he is, he’s doing a great job. However, I have never seen a more lucid explanation of what plagues the Muslim world than what this brave and courageous man stated. . . .

To see the video, click on the link given above.


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